Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Life Insurance Leads

How Important are life insurance leads?

A business’s success relies only on one thing and that’s customers returning to you and bringing in more customers with them and therefore, more money. For most businesses, the customer is the one that will be approaching you or coming down to you, but with today’s changes and the saturated insurance market, you are the one that has to hunt down the right customer and explain to him/ her the insurance plans existing in the market and convince them to go with you.

so, should you outsource finding leads? In today’s markets there are hundreds or even thousands of agents in the saturated market of insurance, and of course any agent wants to be on the top but how exactly do you track down the right customer? It is hard for you to track down the customer, it doesn’t matter if you are perfect at what you do or if you can explain your product with great convincing personality and capability.

You will still need leads to be able to compete in the crowded market of life insurance and stand out between your colleagues. You always have to find the customer before the other agents do, if you want to maintain a long successful career in this business.

How does outsourcing leads work?

Companies spend thousands to establish a call center where they can bring salesperson that spend half their days calling people that will probably never be customers, therefore wasting time and not getting as much leads as they are supposed to.

Not to mention the need to worry about hiring the right people and paying their salaries, providing insurance, renting office space and all these other costs of recruitment. So companies started outsourcing that work to call centers that are ready and qualified to provide you with leads so the insurance company can only focus on providing their product to these potential clients instead of spending thousands trying to acquire leads.

Why outsource?

Producing more leads for insurance agents and appointments is a hard process that is often not very productive and may end up being time wasteful.

Not to mention that converting those leads into sales is even a harder process, insurance companies are improving their profits everyday by getting more productive and more qualified salesperson but getting the leads is always the number one issue for these companies. So, a lot of insurance companies are turning to outsourcing services to gain more leads to grow their company.

Instead of starting your lead search using google and yahoo, we will be providing leads using our broad expertise in the industry to find potential customers are looking for what you sell, life insurance.

Outsourcing has a ton of benefits:

  • Saves a lot of money and very cost efficient as you don’t need to rent an office space or computers or a telephone line, the call center you choose for your work will be ready and fully equipped only giving you more leads every day.
  • Saves time. Sales person will be able to work more on their face to face skills instead of spending all day making appointments with illusive customers resulting in better sales and more productive time for the salesperson that end up meeting leads that are actually interested in the product you have to offer.
  • Even if your sales people aren’t great at data gathering or presentation or aren’t good at determining which leads are potential customers or qualified leads, your hired call center will be able to prepare all that so the salesperson can only focus on closing deals and making money for the company.
  • Most of the hard work will already be done by the call center you hired. You as a BRAND will have time to focus on upgrading your strategies and track your competitors progress and see how they are developing. You will have time to keep up to date with insurance newsletters and journals therefore get more knowledge that you can pass on to the call center and your hired salesperson.

All that’s left is for you to take Action!

When a company outsources its work, the call center will be ready to do whatever you please. If you want them to read from a script that you think will bring in more leads you can do so. If you want to receive reports and statistics of how everything functions with your appointment settlers you will have it ready every specified time period you need.

But it’s very important for you to specify exactly what do you want them to do, what is their job, what do you need from them at the end of every month. A lot of companies have already hired appointment settlers overseas and noticed a trend of success but it’s important to remember that patience is everything and with time you are going to notice the improvements in profits.

When it comes to life insurance its a sensitive subject. The leads we will be giving you aren’t just leads that will net great revenue.it will give you the satisfaction of making a sale to people who really need the insurance.

Our leads are exclusive! basically you will be the only one getting them, we do not recycle any leads. The leads you will be getting from us, no one else will be getting.


In conclusion, outsourcing is a new strategy that is used by a lot of companies to save money, time and focus more on other aspects of the company where you don’t have to go through unnecessary fuss, hiring professionals abroad has improved a lot of companies’ sales and has been proven to be effective, if you hire the right professional qualified people you will definitely not be disappointed.

source https://www.leads-junction.com/life-insurance-leads/

Health Insurance Leads

image for health insurance leads
The market has changed. It isn’t like the old days anymore. Agents used to find leads easily using search engines like Google or Yahoo. The hard part used to be making the sale, leads were everywhere. It’s not like that anymore, with the constant increase in agents and insurance companies, the market has become very saturated.

Companies nowadays struggle to find fresh leads that haven’t been recycled a million times. The methods and strategies have changed and a lot of companies lose business because of no fresh leads. Agents have become more stressed out, their work load has increased dramatically. They can’t catch a break between finding new leads or working on their strategies to make sales.

Wake up! The customer isn’t coming down for you anymore! They have plenty of options on their hand. It’s about who find them first and convinces them to take them over the hundreds of other companies in the business. The old age is over, this is the age of innovators.

Insurance relies on leads heavily. If you can’t get fresh leads how are you going to grow your company? How are you going to get that expansion or investment you were always hoping for? Your agents are tired, overworked, stressed and barely getting leads.

Your agents are spending the whole day calling up the same recycled leads they got last year with no success. Your competition is getting ahead of you, but why all that? Why not use different strategies? Instead of calling up the third-party company in your local area that provides the same leads for a hundred companies, why not try outsourcing?

Does Health insurance leads work? If so how?

You don’t need to overwork your workforce anymore. You don’t need a telemarketing department that will keep recycling leads. You don’t need to buy equipment that cost thousands to only find little to no leads. All you have to do is outsource that work to us, we will find you your leads at an attractive price.

We are fully equipped only waiting for your permission to give you a constant flow of leads. Our call centers have a professional workforce that uses new techniques to find new leads. We will target the right demographics. For health insurance, there are so many potential customers. who wants to be left at a hospital calculating the amount of money they have to pay to this hospital when they are supposed to be relaxing and recovering?

In the US alone, there are 27 million people without health insurance. 27 million potential customers that you will be giving them what they NEED but can’t get because of the confusion and the overwhelming market.

What’s so different about our health live transfers?

  • We take very good care of our customers, we will never leave you hanging. There will always be constant communication and listening from our part.
  • High quality precise deliver, high potential insurance leads. Leads from customers that actually need health insurance.
  • We will send our leads to you in the form you like, email dialer, fax whatever you please.
  • We have a very high competitive expertise. We will be providing you those leads in no time to help you catch up with your competition.
  • You will have all the time you saved and resources you saved by hiring us, to use in developing your company and reduce the stress from your workforce. Your workforce will be so focused on closing deals instead of calling up people who are already insured!
  • Our leads are exclusive, we won’t be giving the same leads to a hundred-different company! It’s not how we do business, we want our clients to trust us and know that we will be providing A-1 service.
  • It doesn’t matter what your product is. Whether its major medical health insurance, short term plans or bringing people through federal or state exchanges. we are able to help you through any period in the year. We will make sure when your agents arrive at the appointment with the insurance seeker they are motivated customers seeking your product and not only there to waste their time.
  • Instead of wasting your time through recruiting demotivated agents every month for finding leads, going through all the fuss and problems of recruiting and giving them employment benefits. All you have to do is let us do the work for you, we will cost you less and provide you with better quality leads. We know what we are doing.
Outsourcing is the new trend, actually it’s the KEY trend. All the big corporations are outsourcing their work to focus more on the core process of their work and be ahead of their competitors. And when it comes to the outsourcing market, we are the best.

We know exactly how the business works and will provide you with the leads you exactly need. We will adapt to your policies and you will face no problems trying to reach us. Out staff is professional, experienced and ready to satisfy our customers.

source https://www.leads-junction.com/health-insurance-leads/

Auto Insurance Leads

Slow business? Little to no leads? Overworked staff? High turnover employment rates? Company isn’t growing? No investments?

All because of one reason. Not Enough New Leads. The auto insurance market is huge! The markets are over whelmed dominated, and full.

Finding car insurance leads isn’t as easy as calling a random number anymore. You have to be precise with a target, know exactly who you are calling and even be confident you have a sale before even meeting them face to face. It requires skill, expertise and targeting the right group/demographic.
We know you tried a lot of methods. You hired third party local companies to get you leads. You tried networking circles, you may have bought leads from another companies. Well these methods don’t work anymore.

No one is looking after anyone else, everyone cares about his own business, The market is too saturated to share effective new leads with good conversion rates.

Sure, you tried a lot of things, but not everything. Outsourcing is the new age of doing business. We at Leads Junction specialize in providing our clients with high quality automotive insurance leads that haven’t been recycled a million times.

we will make sure you get exactly what you need, clients that are passionate about making a deal with you. Clients that seek auto insurance. We use new techniques and target the right demographics to get you the clients before anyone else.

Face it, you need leads. All your work relies on it. Without new leads your company will eventually lose its value. Growing your business will be impossible without new fresh leads with high conversion rates.

Buy Auto Insurance Leads Today!

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. We are equipped and ready to deliver you fresh leads that are interested in making a deal with you. Auto insurance is a huge market and we have the expertise to utilize it right. Our call centers are occupied by professional telemarketers who won’t be calling the same recycled leads that your agents have been dialing for the past year nonstop using the same script every time. It isn’t working, you need a new strategy. We have it.

National auto insurance carriers are spending millions on their ad campaigns to appeal to the masses. dont worry we will make you reach those customers first. we give you a chance to cut straight through the noise and start making deals.

Why choose us.

  • We don’t dismiss our customer’s complaints. Our customer service team is ready to hear you and respond either to help you or listen to your complaint and fix it. Our number one priority is customer’s satisfaction and giving them the freshest leads. If the customer is happy, we are happy.
  • Saves your money. Our rates are incredibly economic. We will be saving you so much money. Hiring us will save you money and cut through the noise of recruitment. No need to do tenths of interviews every month hiring new telemarketers that won’t last more than a couple of months anyway.
  • New exclusive leads. Our leads are not only fresh but also, they are tailored for you and your product. We will not be giving the same leads to a hundred agents like the companies you dealt before with did. The rest of the work will be already easy, all your agents have to do is go in and make a deal with people who are already seeking auto insurance and need it.
  • You are an insurance company or an agent. You don’t need to spend thousands on equipment and telemarketing agents to get leads. Let us do that work for you and take a huge work load off your agents. You have a chance to reduce the work on your workforce and let them focus on landing sales with potential motivated customers.
  • Accessing international talent. Our workforce has experience dealing with international customers. You will have a chance to add experienced young talented minds to work for you and use new ways to generate leads. Your customers are bored of listening to the same scripts over and over again. They need to hear something new, something that will excite them and motivate the leads to work with you and strike a deal.
To conclude, outsourcing is the solution to your problems. We will help you thrive and grow. If you are growing we are growing with you. Alot of large corporations have already started outsourcing all their lead generating and marketing work.

Outsourcing to countries like India saves so much time, effort and money plus giving you access to a lot of new features and opportunities. We promise you won’t regret it. We are professional, experienced, motivated and ready to give you a constant flow and fresh batches of auto insurance leads for agents. It’s what we do and its what we are good at.

source https://www.leads-junction.com/auto-insurance-leads/