Monday, 29 January 2018

Creating a Successful Strategy to Generate More Leads and Brand Awareness

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The triumph of any brand depends on lots of factors. Apart from offering the excellent quality of the goods or services, what is more, important is the company’s lead generation capacity and the people’s perception of the brand which will go on to create its different brand identity.

According to the 2016 survey on brand promotions, 79% of the respondents representing various companies agreed that they endorse their brands in some form or other. The remaining firms are either new or do not have enough information regarding how to proceed with their brand promotion strategies.

1) Create Brand Awareness:

In order to stand up competitively against other companies dealing in similar brands, a newbie firm has to start afresh. For the first few months, it has to create brand awareness among the people so that maximum people get familiar with the brand’s popular products and items. These days, the role of social media is paramount towards the “making of a brand.”

The 2017 survey on consumer behavior has found that 93% of the firms are highly active on communal media followed by the remaining 7% of the companies that do not pay much attention towards social networking sites.

Interestingly, amongst these companies, customers usually prefer a brand that has better social media presence than the ones that do not have.

2) Attractive Social Media Profiles:

The brand awareness campaigns begin at the creation of the company’s profiles on some of the contemporary famous social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram.

Then the firm needs to engage with the users from time to time. Posting interesting contents relevant to the brand is ideal in this regard. All brand profiles must contain the company’s full and real logo and bio.

The logo and introductory bio of the profiles should be consistent and similar. The company has to exercise utmost caution while ensuring that no discrepancy in this regard should be there.
As of now, LinkedIn is the best platform for lead generation purposes followed by Facebook. More than 75% of the firms use LinkedIn for their B2B communication as per the latest social media survey conducted in May 2017.

3) Social Media Advertising:

Gone are the days when people had to choose print and radio advertising for their promotions. Now, we are witnessing a digital era where everything happens in a fraction of seconds. In fact, opting for advertisements on communal media is the easiest way to move forward with minimal investments.

Social networking sites are the best way for a brand introduction. Primarily, the brand has to introduce itself to the global audience. The popular twitter cards and Facebook-sponsored ads are the two most viable options before a company. Higher the clicks better will be the brand’s visibility. 

4) Follow Your Competitors:

On social networking sites, your competitors are your guides. You should do what your competitors are doing. Another advantage of following your competitors on social networking sites is to stay abreast of their latest product launch, events and policies.
The 2016 survey on the brand presence on social media revealed that nearly 87% of the firms follow their competitors on social networking sites. However, their actual flow of interpersonal communications over communal media is very rare and low.

5) Measure Your Performances:

It is essential for every business firm to track important key performance indicators (KPIs). By tracking this metrics, a company can conclude whether it is performing well or not.

Some key indices for social media success are the number of likes, re-tweets, and followers that company has generated in a given span of time. Better, the rate of social media interactions greater will be its prospect of brand awareness.

6) Videos on Youtube:

Although, Youtube is also a social site, yet it can create greater impact in the minds of the customers by its powerful Audio-Video functioning.

Simply, capture the video recording of your products, and its features using suitable titles and subtitles on a good-quality video DSLR camera. Then upload the same on Youtube and share it on your social media accounts. It will generate massive views and people’s interest regarding your brand.

The 2015 survey on consumer behavior has claimed that 90% of the consumers admitted that attractive Youtube videos and advertisements affected their buying decisions and personal choice.

7) User Engagement and Obtaining Leads:

Now when the brand already has a considerable amount of followers and fans, it is the best time to generate leads and engage with the prospective clients.

Lead generation starts with posting useful and alluring contents on social media especially catering to the requirement of the B2B clients. Contents should be highly informative that motivate users to engage in chats.

8) Groups and Communities:

These days, most social sites allow the users to create groups for specialized conversations. The Facebook group and Private LinkedIn Groups are very popular in this regard. An entrepreneur or the social media executive, whoever manages the social media, should necessarily engage in such groups to promote the brand.

The Facebook survey of 2016 claimed that around 69% of the users are engaged with one group or other. Moreover, a social media group admin gives a chance to review what people post on the group. Hence, it can stop posting any status that is critical of the brand.

9) Create a Pool of Brand Advocates:

These days, social media gives rise to customer advocacy option too. A business owner has to do everything possible to leverage the opportunity. The first step towards creating a team of customer advocates begins with frequent interactions with the social media users.

Usually, posting informative and highly inspiring stories can do wonder in this regard. The firm should also send a regular newsletter to its subscribers. Gradually, customers will become loyal to the firm and voice their opinion in favor of the company.

The brand on its part can launch some schemes especially aimed at consolidating its brand advocates. For example, the company can offer a free sample to its customers and ask for their reviews.
The Adweek survey of 2017 claimed that 80% of B2B companies gained immense success by their continuous presence on social media. Around 75% of such companies gained highly valued customers in the form of brand advocates.

10) The Company’s Official Blog:

In the last few years, every firm or company writes necessary things on their official blog posts. Unlike social media status, blog posts are likely to offer in-depth information regarding a company’s fresh products or any other related news and articles that could be of immense help to readers.
Every blog should be SEO optimized for better visibility and appearance on Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
According to the 2015 survey on social media contents, around 71% of the companies admitted that they maintain an up-to-date blog site for the company’s promotion and goodwill purposes.

Be the Change that You Want to See Around

There are immense and ruthless competitions already around us, the only way by which a company can survive is by getting qualified leads round the years and converting most of them into sales.
Initially, the process of lead generation starts from enhanced brand awareness. Once, customers initiated putting their faith in the brand, and then the company starts to gain immense goodwill and faith of the customers. Then such firms have to give something innovative to its customers.
The company has to continue offering creative and the best things to its esteemed customers round the clock. Consumers always like to see new things and experiment with the same.

Obviously, if they get the similar product in a different package as the age-old saying goes “old wine in new bottle,” then it might disappoint them a lot. Therefore, an entrepreneur has to be innovative and smart enough to provide quality products to customers.

A business owner should also take into considerations that what his clients and B2B customers think about his new products and services. An entrepreneur should always welcome the feedbacks and listen to the grievances of his customers frequently.

In fact, a business strategy should be flexible enough to accommodate the viewpoints of the majority of the consumers while being responsive to their current requirement and demands. By doing so, the entrepreneur is capable to generate more leads and better ROI too.


Monday, 22 January 2018

Simplifying Lead Generation for Insurance Agents

Insurance policy selling is one of the toughest works worldwide. According to the Statista data, the US has around 616 companies dealing with Life Insurance Products. Interestingly, the agents of these companies have faced rejections in one form or other in their tenure as insurance advisors.

Today, customers are much smarter than before. Companies use telemarketing as a tool to promote their insurance products, but customers simply enlist themselves on DND (Do Not Disturb) registry to make sure those calls don’t reach them as per the prevailing telecom rules of a country.

Now, coming to email marketing, the situation is not much rosy here either. All promotional emails eventually go to the Bulk or Junk folder where users hardly pay any attention. However, Insurance agents need not to worry. ​

​Lead Generation Tips for Insurance Agents

1) Social Networking Site:

With traditional avenues of a lead generation being closed, and more and more people are accepting social media as a necessary part of their lives, it is high time that insurance agents should start using social sites for lead generation. A survey has claimed that Facebook is the leading social site for networking purposes with 83% of the female users and 75% of the male users are frequently using FB.
Therefore, an insurance agent can beautifully explain the policy benefits and premium amounts to several customers at one go using the site. A single message on the social site has a propensity to reach thousands of the people almost immediately.

2) Omni-Channel Marketing:

Long ago, someone has said it right that a person should never lay all his eggs in the one basket. It means that a person should always branch out his mode of investment and the multichannel marketing in order to ensure diversification of the same. The Gartner research study claimed that soon companies would need to augment their innovation more into customer research.
The Omni-Channel strategy serves as the vital strategy for a firm to improve its customer support services. For insurance agents, omnichannel strategies not just open up their avenues of lead generation but also give them an opportunity to improve their premium collection services and other aspects of customer support too. In its simple sense, Omni channels denote several aspects of marketing starting from social media, print media to radio as well.

3) Live Website:

The Simply Business Statistics revealed that 55% of small-business owners believe having a web presence is extremely important. The first step towards writing one’s success in the world of digital marketing is by launching a website and posting all necessary details of the products and services.
An insurance agent also needs to follow the same. The agent has to post all applicable details regarding the financial products and insurance plans he deals with along with other important details. He also has to track down the website visitors and make a future call to them at appropriate timings by use of immaculate convincing skills and interpersonal communication.

4) Online Local Search Engine Optimization:

Another way to encounter the target audience directly is by optimizing the local search engine with necessary keywords and insurance-related schemes. At present, Google is the leading search engine with 67% of the users clearly mentioning their requirements on the site to search anything. However, the local search engine has its own benefits too.

People particularly resort to local search engine regarding their search for a good insurance plan, rental houses need and hotel search within a particular locality.

An insurance agent should also try to optimize the local search engine page to ensure that every time the customers specify their insurance-related requirement on the site, then his website links appear on top of the search engine’s result page.

5) Content Marketing:

Of late, posting engaging and interesting contents on websites with attractive contents, images and videos has become a trend. This not only helps users easily understand the insurance plans at a glance but also enhance the credibility of the agents.
The agent or an agency should curate relevant content that is capable of broadening the mental horizon of the users and people at large. In the concluding part of the content, the agent should mention his contact details so that the interested parties could directly talk to him or buy a particular insurance plan.

6) Search engine optimization:

It is a classic method of lead generation. Now, most of the people are already familiar with the concept of SEO and how does it benefit a firm. According to an estimate, Search Engines generate 6,586,013,574 search results every day. Now, suppose if even 0.0001% of the user search “Best Insurance Agent New York,” then it will again generate a lot of impressions.

Now, the insurance agent has to optimize his website and search engine result page in such a way that every time such keywords are searched, his website appears on top of the site. Ideally, SEO experts and digital marketing consultants manage such tasks well.

7) Web Advertising:

Web advertising has many elements intertwined to it. It includes Pay-per-click advertising or PPC as well as Banner Ads. When such advertisements appear on the search engine then obviously, the users’ interest increased towards them, and they compel to click these ads. Therefore, PPC or banner ads have their own relevance.

Usually, only the interested customers click those links that directly take them to the landing page of the agent’s website.

8) Relevant Blogs:

As stated above that an insurance agent has to post beneficial contents on the website describing the products, features, and plans, the company blog exactly works as a PR wing for any organization. 
An insurance advisor should try to utilize the blog section by posting useful contents related to insurance that may help the readers make up their minds and eventually end up calling the advisor directly for filling up a form.

9) Podcasts:

It is the latest form of communication, especially aims towards enhancing the knowledge base of the people. Therefore, an insurance advisor should try to launch his podcast channel and post useful speeches on insurance and insurance claims on a regularly.

Most of the time, podcasts are available free and any person can download the same for further use. Interestingly, since most search engine results generated on mobile handsets so podcasts should be easily downloadable onto various handsets too. Podcasts also help in enhancing the brand value of the insurance advisor.

10) Video Marketing:

A recent study by Forbes says that 59% of the senior executives prefer watching videos to reading texts. Therefore, the message that an insurance advisor tries to convey via video reaches more quickly to several customers worldwide through YouTube videos than texts.
Another benefit of launching such YouTube videos is the agent himself converses with the world audience directly and may become world famous if his advice holds true and beneficial for the customers.

Embrace Technology for Astute Digital Marketing

So, it is quite evident these days that a firm has to embrace online marketing if it really wishes to stay ahead of its competitors. It holds true for almost all businesses, including insurance firms too. An agent has to modernize his approach to let his messages be heard everywhere.
The conventional practice of visiting customers’ houses and explaining to them insurance products now do not work. People do not have that much time to do so. Now, people will directly post their requirement online and a firm will have to optimize the search engine in such a way that his web page along with contact details appear on top.

Use of sophisticated technology, including a toll-free number and a professional email id with the online data server is enough to ensure maximum lead generation for insurance policies. The online data server is helpful in a sense that it could easily record thousands of contact details without any fear of getting lost or being theft.

The insurance agent can then use the data already stored in the server as and when he needs the same. However, it may sound cliché, but email marketing is also a good strategy for ​generating exclusive insurance leads. No doubt, even if most of the users ignore promotional emails and very few users look into them to see if something relevant and useful is inside these emails or not.

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